GOLD MEMBER Description

Gold members are Christian authors who either,
  1. self-select this payment option after being selected to participate in the 2010 Trustworthy and True: Christian Authors on Tour;
  2. take the lead in coordinating at least one Tour event; and
  3. participate in at least two scheduled tour events.


  1. have been awarded a one-year author fellowship award to participate in the 2010 Trustworthy and True: Christian Authors on Tour

Gold members receive the following benefits:

  • a full page advertisement about the author and one Christian book of his/her choice on;
  • waived vending fee at monthly Christian Book Lovers Fellowships and 40% discount off of vending fees at all other Tour events including the 2-day Christian writer’s conference as part of the 5-day Western Caribbean cruise (the only exception to this rule is when participating authors invite CAOT to co-sponsor their independent events in those instances it is expected that the hosting author receive full payment because this becomes a special event);
  • at least two interviews on Christian Authors on Tour Blog Talk Radio Show per month;
  • opportunity to serve as a co-host for the Christian Authors on Tour Blog Talk Radio Show;
  • one Christian book of the author’s choice included at the Christian Authors on Tour online Book Store;
  • one Christian book of the author’s choice included in the Beautiful and Smart Book Club Initiative;
  • opportunity to become the author spotlight of the month at and in a Tour newsletter emailed monthly to a database of 2,000+ Christian book lovers;
  • opportunity to be included in at least one write-up in;
  • opportunity to participate in free monthly online professional development opportunities;
  • opportunity to submit one article for free of no more than 1,000 words sharing your personal testimony of how you use writing as a tool for Christian ministry as part of an anthology project;
  • inclusion in monthly marketing blitz via social marketing sites for Tour; and
  • opportunities to participate in weekly Tour prayer and networking calls.

Gold Membership Fee - ($50 x 11 = $550)/(4 payments made quarterly):

  • January 25, 2010/$137.50 (Feb, Mar, Apr);
  • April 1, 2010/$137.50 (May, Jun, Jul);
  • July 1, 2010/$137.50 (Aug, Sept, Oct);
  • October 1, 2010/$137.50 (Nov, Dec)

NOTE: 10% of the membership dues will be sown into a general kitty available to Silver and Gold members who are experiencing financial hardships and/or need quick loans to help them purchase books and/or grow their writing ministries.

All members are responsible for their own travel and/or lodging to each Tour fellowship and/or event.